Brant Rock, MA

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The Beaches, Restaurants, and Sights of Brant Rock – Part of Marshfield, MA

About an hour south of Boston is Brant Rock, MA, a small village in the town of Marshfield. It is a census designated place that is one of those small parts of town referred to by its own name, but not its own town. Brant Rock is one of the most popular summer spots on the South Shore of Massachusetts. The village is best known for its beaches, restaurants, and large sea wall which is accessible directly from Ocean Street. In the winter of 2014-2015, Brant Rock saw extensive damage to its sea wall, which was repaired in spring 2015.


One of the biggest appeals of Brant Rock is that it’s a locals’ place. The nearest hotels are far away, so the only tourists that come here are those that rent beach homes. If you’re looking to spend a fun day on the South Shore, Brant Rock is one spot that isn’t to be missed. The beaches, as the name implies, are a little rocky. Direct access to the beach can be found in the “esplanade” area, where there is public parking permitted.

How to Get to Brant Rock

Quick directions

Getting to Brant Rock is fairly simple. If you’re headed to Brant Rock from any point north or south, take exit 12 (the Pembroke/Marshfield exit) off of Route 3, and head east on Route 139. This will take you through Marshfield Center, to Rexhame, Fieldston, Ocean Bluff, and finally to Brant Rock. The village is about 8 miles from the highway, or 20 minutes if there’s not too much traffic on Route 139.

Once you get to Brant Rock village, head down the one-way part of Ocean Street which contains all of the parking spots in front of Venus 2, The Hop, and Arthur & Pat’s (which is the red house that is now closed). This is the best place to park, and spaces are usually plentiful even in the summer. If you can’t find parking here, there’s an adjacent lot on Dyke Road that is just around the corner where you have to pay.

On the way out, be sure to drive down Island Street, which loops to Town Pier Road. Here, you can catch a glimpse of adjacent scenic Green Harbor, which is the southernmost coastal area of Marshfield before entering Duxbury.


Restaurants in Brant Rock

Seafood, bar food, breakfast, and more

For such a small area, there are quite a few options on where to eat in Brant Rock. All of the restaurants except for the Fairview Inn, are located in the strip of buildings that you see above. There’s Arthur & Pat’s, which is a renowned breakfast place that serves some hard to find specialties and excellent omelettes and homemade originals. Venus 2 is a large restaurant that overlooks the ocean, complete with outdoor seating and the South Shore’s revered “bar pizza.” Next to Venus 2 is the breakfast and lunch diner, The Hop. Further down the road is Haddad’s Ocean Cafe, which has been renovated to a much larger building just behind the original. Across the street is The Bailey, a small Irish pub that was renovated in 2010 from the former “Lobster Tale” restaurant, which has changed names to The Jetty. The best restaurant is The Fairview, which boasts incredible ocean views, but will be closing in 2015.

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Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone.

Find Fun Things to Do in the Amazing Wilderness of Yellowstone National Park

Of all of the parks in the United States, I consider Yellowstone National Park to be the most fun. Not for a second was I ever bored or wishing that I was anywhere else in the world. Why? The area is teeming with wildlife at every turn. You don’t have to go searching through the woods to find them, they’re constantly right in front of you. That’s just the half of it. Yellowstone is probably the most scenic area in the whole country. If you haven’t gazed upon the steaming geysers and crystal pools in this park, or looked on in awe at the massive Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, you haven’t truly seen what the U.S. has to offer. Read on to find some fun things to do in Yellowstone National Park that everyone can handle, from kids to seniors.

Lower Falls Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Lower Falls Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


Visit the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

No, this isn’t the Grand Canyon in Arizona, it’s Yellowstone’s glacier and magma carved own canyon, boasting two gigantic waterfalls that splash 1200 feet downward. With an impressive horizontal spread and dramatic viewpoints that can easily be accessed all around the falls, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone should be one of your must-sees on your trip. Visit and you’ll get a sense of the over 600,000 years Mother Earth has been carving this wonderous canyon, and a taste of how powerful this underground supervolcano can be.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Gaze Upon the Other Worldly Mammoth Hot Springs

One of the strangest places in Yellowstone is the enigmatic Mammoth Hot Springs. Here, terraces of rock and mud overflow with water heated by the earth, forming a most unusual display. The springs have a large calcium carbonate deposit, which is evident when you see some of the characteristic dead trees in the area. The water is also slightly cooler than some of the other geothermal areas of Yellowstone, allowing algae and micro bacteria to tint the water rust oranges, browns, and brilliant aqua shades.

Read more about Mammoth Hot Springs:


Spot a Bear, Wolf, or Bison

While the thought of bears can be intimidating, hundreds of visitors every year see bears in the park and aren’t harmed. Read “How to escape from a bear” for some tips on what to do when you encounter any type of bear in the wilderness. In Yellowstone, you’ll encounter either a Grizzly or Black Bear. It’s possible to spot them on any hike, but it’s most likely you’ll see them in clearings in forests or on the outskirts of forests. So, keep your distance, know what to do if a bear comes close, and enjoy them!

Yellowstone is also home to some famous wolf packs. Being reintroduced into the park, these wolves are enjoying a resurgence of sorts, but their numbers are still slightly low. Like with any wild animal, exercise caution and know what to do when you encounter one of these creatures.

Bison are an easy find in the park. You can find them roaming the geothermal beds of Norris Basin, often near Old Faithful, and on the edges of Yellowstone Lake. Like wolves and bears, these can be dangerous animals, so don’t get close! Keep your distance, even though they’ll sometimes be in the middle of the road…

Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Teton National Park is just south of Yellowstone, adjacently connected and worth the ride.


Grand Teton National Park: Minutes From Yellowstone

Connected to Yellowstone National Park is Grand Teton National Park, one of the most beautiful spots in the country. With the gorgeous Snake River winding beneath the mountains, you’ll find many views of the Tetons from down below near Jackson, Wyoming, along with incredible hiking opportunities inside the park. The peaks of Teton range are usually snow capped all year, and snow can occur at any time within both Yellowstone and Grand Teton. An August snow isn’t unheard of!

Watch Old Faithful Erupt

old faithful

You never know what to expect in the constantly changing landscape of the Mud Volcano region. This is where you’ll find hundreds of active geysers and the most geothermal geyser activity in the world! Drive along roads as steam vents let loose a fog into the air (the bison don’t seem to mind), and schedule a visit based on the eruption schedule of favorite geysers like Old Faithful. This geyser in particular erupts on a schedule, varying between eruptions, but being very regular. You can find a schedule right at the viewing area near the lodge.

Horseback Riding

For a truly genuine western style trip to Yosemite, horseback riding is the way to go. See the park the way the pioneers of the old west saw the state, from a little bit higher up, and a little bit of a bumpy ride. Explore areas you might not otherwise be able to see, and have fun in group trips. Horseback riding is offered all over Yellowstone, in many of the towns like West Yellowstone, Jackson, and in the Tetons.

winter yellowstone national park

Cross Country Skiing

Without the crowds and under a blanket of snowfall, you can fully enjoy the park and its pristine beauty and serenity. The wildlife is still here, and the geysers are still active. It’s a combination that will leave you speechless, and you’ll have some of the best photos and memories of your life. Popular activities are snowmobiling (which is highly controversial in the park, due to the destruction snowmobiles can leave on the environment) snowshoeing (except near the geothermal areas), ranger led winter hikes, photography, and cross country skiing.

Photo Credits:

All photos licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 on flickr

If you’re planning a trip to the Yellowstone area, be sure to read this guide I’ve written on the best hotels in and near Yosemite National Park. It includes the Jackson Hole region, and towns in the vicinity of the park in Wyoming and Montana. 


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