RoadRoamer.com is a website dedicated to helping you travel in the United States. The content of this website will help tourists and locals alike, with pictures, insider tips, and suggested road trip routes across the country. Road Roamer also will be making suggestions on things to bring on your road trip travels, what to do before you leave, and which cars are the best for the road. The site will also provide honest reviews of the hotels, motels, B & B’s, campsites, and other forms of lodging in America.

The author of RoadRoamer, Bill Nihill, would rather be on vacation right now, but writing about vacations is the next best thing. I’ve traveled across the USA via road trip several times, including one six week trip across over 35 states. I write about my travel experiences here on Road Roamer, and sometimes earn a commission if a sale is referred through this page, or from the ads running on the pages of this website.

I aim to help you in getting out there and seeing more of what the world has to offer. I do this by writing about some of the places that I’ve traveled, sharing that information, and helping you plan your trips through these articles. Thanks for reading my road trip articles from RoadRoamer.com!

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