Midwest USA Road Trip

by on July 15, 2010

There’s the East Coast, the West Coast, and then there’s the middle. While the coasts of the USA might get a lot of attention, often the middle of the country, where the roots of the country were firmly planted, are often overlooked. The midwest USA is far different from the South, the North, and the West Coast. The food is heavier, the land is less crowded, the cities are more spread out, and the society as a whole is a little bit calmer. You could think of the midwest as land of extremes. It’s extremely focused on the production of crops, residents love their space, and they have extreme weather in the form of tornadoes. The focus of the midwest isn’t its oceans, mountains, or beaches, but its unique people, old highway routes, fossil beds, monuments, and National Parks.

The midwest USA has some of the most well known cities in America. From Texas to Michigan, the major cities are interconnected between some of the nation’s longest highways. Cities like Detroit, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and the crown jewel of the midwest, Chicago, all share an up and down history of prosperity, growth, and decline. Though the weather in the midwest tends to be extreme, the economies of these cities tend to be more stable than the cities along the coasts.

The National Parks of the midwest are also some of the most impressive in the country. Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio’s only National Park, is the perfect retreat in the middle of busy Ohio to bike ride, hike, or enjoy the preserved scenery. The dry prairies of the Badlands cover two states, and one amazing park in South Dakota. One of the most isolated parks in the country, Isle Royale National Park, is only accessible by boat or airplane off of the coasts of Michigan and Minnesota.

If you’re headed through the midwest, you won’t want to miss some of the exciting places to see. Don’t make the mistake of driving past some of the nation’s best sightseeing and historical monuments, like Badlands National Park, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, or the Flint Hills of Kansas. Learn about more of the best places to see in the midwest on the following page:

Midwestern Road Trip Route

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