A Road Trip Through the New England States

by on July 21, 2010

new england road tripStates on the east coast of the United States are in stark constrast of those on the west coast. On the west, it would take hours and sometimes days to travel from one state to another. In New England, you can travel to all six states in the same day. Each state has its own unique vibe and feel that is far different from any adjacent state.

Rhode Island is deeply connected with the ocean and is largely influenced by its historic city, Newport. In contrast, right next door is Connecticut, which has strong ties to New York and has some of the wealthiest people in America living within its state lines. Just to the north, Massachusetts rules the roost with its central hub of Boston. Further west, the Berkshires and Quabbin Reservoir offer classic, natural beauty that rival the views of the Adirondacks.

The dividing line between Northern and Southern New England is at the Vermont/New Hampshire/Massachusetts border. The states of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine all are extremely rural, but have unparalleled fall foliage, quaint colonial homes, and untouched mountain beauty.

The state of Vermont is located east of New York, but couldn’t be any more different from that state in terms of lifestyle and looks. Green mountains, hidden waterfalls, and secluded roadside farms make the state perfect for any road trip.

To the east, New Hampshire has similar mountain beauty, but dotted with more lakes, rivers, and granite. The “Live Free or Die State” has this motto for a reason, so get out there and enjoy their wilderness at no expense (except for the highway tolls). Heading east yet again, Maine is the only northern New England state with abundant stretches of coastline.

Known for its incredibly fresh seafood, wild grown Maine blueberries, and pine tree lined, cliffed shoreline, the state of Maine marks a definite change in landscape and seclusion. In other words, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural scenic surroundings.

If you’re curious about more of the beautiful coastline, cities, mountains, small towns, local food, and people of these six states, visit the New England road trip page for more information.

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