Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

by on December 3, 2011

The Rotating Tram Cars in Palm Springs, California

Gorgeous mountaintop views of Coachella Valley and Palm Springs

If you can only do one thing in the entire Coachella Valley, the Aerial Tramway might just be it. With a beautiful view of the Coachella Valley below and miles upon miles of open hiking trails atop the San Jacinto State Forest, the ride up and back are an unforgettable experience.

Pack a sweatshirt and get ready for the trip, and keep in mind temperatures are often 30 degrees cooler at the top! Located in the town of Palm Springs, the Tramway is easy to find on Highway 111.

One other thing you’ll also want to bring: a camera with a tripod for those that are looking for a great night time photo (see an example below), or just relax and enjoy the restaurant at the top of the mountain for an unforgettable evening atop one of California’s most scenic spots.

Things to Do on the Aerial Tramway

The Tramway has a number of fun things to do at all times of year, besides just taking the ride up and back. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a hike on the 50+ miles of hiking trails atop the mountain
  • In the winter, cross country skiing is a great activity
  • Dine at the restaurant atop the mountain
  • Campsites are located in San Jacinto State Park atop the Tramway
  • Take a night photo from the top of the mountain
  • Have a drink at the station at the top of the tram
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

An incredible night shot of the valley below. Expect to see this nearly every night from the top of the mountain. Head up an hour before sunset and enjoy! Photo by Bossco on flickr under Creative Commons 2.0.

Palm Springs Tram

A tramcar makes its way up the mountain from the bottom station. Photo by Omar Omar on flickr under Creative Commons.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Road

The Tramway road, before you get to the tram station. Even the ride up is beautiful! Photo by Boscco on flickr, under Creative Commons.

Coachella Valley viewed from Aerial Tram after storm

Even between storms, the Aerial Tram has incredible views. Photo by Bossco under Creative Commons 2.0 on flickr.

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